Joe Steen

Owner and Head Trainer at Lakeside Kennels


MarineCorpsJoe has been training dogs since he was 14, and has an intense desire to provide people with the best dog imaginable. Training and running AKC/UKC hunt tests, building gun dogs, and supporting the obedience needs of families is his passion and calling. Running both AKC and UKC Hunt Tests, Joe focuses most his time on AKC Hunt Tests.




Jessica Steen

Obedience / Young Gun Dog Trainer


Jess combines her passion for dogs with her commitment to her family and the Lakeside Team. She focuses on daily obedience training while simultaneously building a relationship with each dog through communication, instruction and play. Jess also trains the young gun dogs with daily yard work, prepping them for field training with Joe as they progress through the program. In her spare time, Jess loves to photograph the dogs doing what they love best – working!