Gun Dog Commands

Like with any other formal training program, the fewer, more succinct commands a dog learns to recognize, the better. Dogs develop confidence from their interactions with us. Therefore, the sound development of a working dog should be based on building a firm grasp of a few basic commands for the field and at home. The […]

The Gun Dog Overview

What they go through: a condensed outline   Puppy Head Start (4-6 months of age) In the Puppy head start program, your puppy is given exposures to things that are sometimes difficult to reproduce for the weekend warrior trainer. These pups are typically very precocious and if raised correctly (see blog on how to raise […]

Picking a Dog Trainer for Basic Obedience

Our canine companions deserve the best and fullest, meaningful life through a relationship with their humans, and a good owner will naturally give them just that. Let’s face it though, so do we. So we work on their overall health, we provide them good food, excellent medical care, we socialize them with other people and […]

Retriever Derby Basics

What are they? The AKC Retriever Field Trial Derby is an event that pulls young dogs together and places them in contention for placements against the other dogs in the field. Pure and simple, this is a marking test, so no handling is allowed if a dog is to remain in contention. Each dog is […]

Intro to AKC Hunt Test Titles

AKC Hunt Tests Hunt Tests are non-Competitive tests in which the dog (and handler) is measured against a standard. If the dog (and handler) meet the standard, a “pass” is earned. These tests are designed to resemble actual hunting situations. Each organization has different requirements yet is equally difficult and resembles different hunting scenarios. Hunt […]

Intro to UKC Hunt Test Titles

UKC Hunt Tests The UKC is the United Kennel Club and a very similar organization to the AKC. They offer similar registration potential and provide many events for you and your pup. In regards to what hunters can accomplish with their pups, the UKC Sponsors the HRC (Hunting Retriever Club) which a few different breeds can […]