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Lakeside Obedience Academy

Picking a Dog Trainer for Basic Obedience

Our canine companions deserve the best and fullest, meaningful life through a relationship with their humans, and a good owner will naturally give them just that. Let’s face it though, so do we. So we work on their overall health, we provide them good food, excellent medical care, we socialize them with other people and […]

Lakeside’s Basic Obedience Academy – Ongoing Obedience Work

So now that you have picked up your pup, let’s discuss the Commands, Cues, Manners, and typical Problems we have gone through and how to address them. In a nutshell, Commands are directives given to a dog. These are mandatory and need to be used on a daily basis. You will hear the phrase among […]

Lakeside’s Basic Obedience Academy – Pick-Up Day

On pick-up day, you will want to make sure you have allotted 45 minutes to an hour for discussing the finer details of the training, and try not to let too many distractions pull you away from spending that time with your trainer. Too many people show up to pick up their dog and have […]