Intro to UKC Hunt Test Titles

UKC Hunt Tests

The UKC is the United Kennel Club and a very similar organization to the AKC. They offer similar registration potential and provide many events for you and your pup. In regards to what hunters can accomplish with their pups, the UKC Sponsors the HRC (Hunting Retriever Club) which a few different breeds can run in and can pursue titles proving their hunting capabilities. The way we look at it is, every one simply has some bar room talk until they can prove it with a title (kind of like a certification or a degree). Below is a list of titles and gives a good reference to what title means what and how to earn them. People experience great pride in accomplishing the next level or title, the UKC/HRC is a great place to start.

SHR = Started Hunt Retriever : Similar to an AKC JH. A United Kennel Club/Hunting Retriever Club title used as a prefix, before the name. A started hunting retriever should be able to perform a simple dove or waterfowl hunt, retriever both from land and water. This test is for inexperienced or young retrievers where the judges look for natural ability rather than trained performance. Consists of four tests, two tests shall be marked water retrievers (singles) and two will be marked land retrieves (singles). Distances rarely exceed 75 yards on land and 50 yards on water. Awarded to a dog that has earned 10 pts. and passed four started tests. A maximum of 10 Championship points can be earned in this category towards a higher title.

HR = Hunting Retriever : This is a UKC title that is earned by acquiring 40 points. 30 of those points must be at the Seasoned or Finished level. A Seasoned pass is worth 10 points. It is slightly more difficult than an AKC JH to achieve.

HRCH = Hunting Retriever Champion : This is a UKC title that is earned by acquiring 100 points, 60 of which must be earned at the Finished level. A Finished pass is worth 15 points.

GHRCH = Grand Hunting Retriever Champion : This is a UKC title that is earned by acquiring 220 points at the Finished level and 80 points from the HRC Grand Hunt. 1 Grand pass is worth 40 points. This is the highest possible hunt test title offered in the UKC.

UH = Upland Hunter : This is a UKC title that is available for those that train their dogs for upland bird hunting. 40 points must be acquired. A pass is worth 10 points.

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